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client reference, espresso gives my business the product flexability that I need, more imortantly it works. Debbie Mulungue, Abroad Actually Investments
Any business without a website, or worse a website that doesn't function or represent your products and service is like having a car without an engine or a shop without a door...... it looks great, but doesn't do anything.
espresso was created by those fine people at Bread & Butter Media Group. By understanding your business and combining it with our creative marketing skills we can prove without a doubt that espresso is a perfect solution for your business.
We've been building web sites for more than 12 years, so we know a fair bit about what works, more importantly as your business grows, espresso grows with you.
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A fully customised bespoke unlimited web page
Business marketing analysis
Full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Detailed site analysis and statistics
Adwords Campaign
Unlimited Support
12 months hosting
Email facility
Updates when required
Enquiry Form
SMS Facility
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Naturally, should your business require something heavier than espresso can offer you, then our holding company Bread And Butter Media offers a full range of services that will suit all of your requirements
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If you want to know more about how espresso can work for your business then contact us via the following methods
1. Call us Monday to Friday, 10.00 to 17.00 on 01273 25 25 77
2. Evening and weekends on 075 1234 6195
3. Email us here
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espresso websites for £549 one price, one decision
Web Design Brighton (WDB) are pleased to announce a new concept in web design. we call it “single shot ©”, hence the name espresso.
It’s an ideal solution for start up businesses wanting to get a message across, a company that has large ideas but a smaller budget, or even for the launch of a new product or service.
Regardless of your application espresso gives you an affordable,
productive, cost effective and impressive way to gain an immediate presence on the internet.
What’s more it’s simple, a flat fee of £549 gives you a custom designed “single shot” page, full seo integration, analysis, domain name and hosting which we guarantee will meet your exact requirements.
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I love espresso websites
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What's single shot all about ?
All the relevant information that's needed on one indexed, fully searchable web page. In search engine terms (and in logic) the index page is the first page that's searched, the same as a book spine or cover).
Why's it called espresso ?
Like the coffee, it's rich in texture, smooth in it's delivery, and has a powerful kick that delivers the result
Who have you worked with ?
We have been creating internet and marketing solutions for over 12 years, working with clients from government level to start ups and concepts. What is more important to us it what we can create and deliver to you as opposed to what we have done for others. Just remember how you came across us, if it works for us, then it will work for you.

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